The complete soundtrack of King's Quest III by Peter Rocker, aka Soup Angel is available to download by clicking here.

1 - Introduction
2 - Inside the Wizards House
3 - Spell Book
4 - Teddy Bears Picnic
5 - Port Bruce Theme
6 - Bad Guy Theme
7 - Drunken Sailor
8 - Crossing the Mountains
9 - Ruined Kingdom
10 - Gnomes Theme
11 - A Royal Ending
12 - Moonlight Sonata (Easter Egg)
13 - My Way Home

Visit Peter Rocker's website at to see more of his stunning work!



There are a number of people we will like to thank for the production of this game. Not only did a talented bunch of fans behind this project take up their free time to bring you this game, but the fans aswell we would like to thank the most. If it wasn't for your constant support and awesomeness, there may never have been a King's Quest 3.

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King's Quest III Teaser 1
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