King's Quest III

Now available for download!

Infamous Adventures is proud to present a remake of Roberta William's classic 1986 hit, King's Quest III. Remade in colours and style to match Sierra's Kings Quest 5 and Kings Quest 6 releases, and using the AGS engine by Chris Jones, IA promises an enjoyable remake of this landmark game.

  • King's Quest III 1.0 was released on the 18th (America) 19th June 2006 (Worldwide)
  • King's Quest III 2.0 was released on the 21st August 2006
  • King's Quest III Voicepack was released on the 21st August 2006


Long ago, when magic was the only science known to man there dwelt in the land of Llewdor a wizard named Manannan. He was very learned in all the matters of the heavens and earth. Of great age, Manannan presented a frail appearance, as meant, Manannan’s impression of fragility lasted only until one looked into his coal-black eyes, which burned with a strange fire. This was, indeed, a powerful wizard.

Although he was powerful, and capable of conjuring up vast armies of spirit servants to sweep his hearth, prepare his meals, and other menial tasks with which he would not soil his hands, this solution to his everyday needs was not satisfactory to him. For he liked his solitude, and didn’t want a lot of spirits cluttering up his house. Instead, he apprenticed a very young boy to do his bidding, taking the lad when he was only a year old, so that the boy would have no memories to tug at him in the years to come.

Unfortunately for Manannan, boys grow up and become adventuresome young men. As his slave grew in stature and in strength, Manannan was irritated to find him poking around in areas of the house where he didn’t belong. Or he would climb down the narrow path leading to Manannan’s mountaintop retreat to explore the surrounding countryside. Even punishment did not stop him for long.

One day, when his slave was 18 years of age, the wizard found him practicing magic spells. This was the last straw!

“YOU!” Manannan screamed. “You have read my books of spells and plundered my supplies of powders and potions. You have even ventured into Llewdor again, against my expressed command, for nowhere else could you have gathered some of these ingredients!”

“You think you will win your freedom with these tricks?” the wizard sneered. “You shall see your mistake! You have earned only your own demise!” And with that, Manannan raised his hands menacingly.

Suddenly the earth began to shake and his slave was no more. Only a small pile of ashes remained where he had stood.

“Next time, I won’t make the same mistake,” Manannan snarled. “ I’ll never let any of my slaves reach manhood. I’ll have no more accidents.”



  • All 16 color backgrounds redrawn using a 16bit colour scheme, to match later games in the official series
  • Enhanced Close up cut-scenes and dialogue pictures help immerse you into what is known as the first plot driven chapter of the King's Quest series
  • Original music by professional music composer
  • Re-experience the adventure with a stunning new interface (no more typing) And if you never played well, you'll probably enjoy it anyway
This remake of King's Quest III was Infamous Adventures first released game and it is not related in any way to Sierra Inc. or Vivendi SA, so please do not contact them regarding support for this game. Infamous Adventures makes no claims over King's Quest III or the King's Quest franchise. In fact, we encourage you to go and buy their recently released packs with all the original games.