In the Beginning there was The Two. Who these two are and how they came to be at the beginning is a mystery that has yet to be unravelled. Some say that they are two travellers from distant worlds, brought together in a common goal of world domination. Others say that they are simply two guys (no, not THE two guys) who enjoy making computer games. What is known is this : They are incredibly good looking, are loved by women across the universe, and are commonly mistaken for Zeus and Hephastus, two of the ancient Greek gods.

This is the story of their greatest venture. A tale so cold, so scary, so Infamous, that it can only be true... Or not.

The Two, rulers of a dimension much darker and more mysterious than our own, fell from grace with those who are pure in heart and in deed. Rulers of the dark, the mysterious, the Infamous, they secretly plotted together, through a rip in the space / time vortex. Through mysterious and dark agencies, this plotting took on literal form, manifesting itself on the human invention of the internet as a website. This site was called Infamous Adventures.

The Two, in their infinite wisdom, bestowed upon two mortals, Blackthorne and Klytos, aspects of themselves and gave them dominion over this website and all it's inhabitants. In their searches of the holy relics of ages past, Blackthorne and Klytos came to a shocking realisation. All the old games were fading, and the new ones we just not fulfilling.

"The world is in need of evil!" declared Klytos. "Indeed!" replied Blackthorne.

The Two, through their human mouthpieces, sent forth messages to all fellow adventurer's on the dark side, some of whom soon joined the Infamous journey. (After all, who can blame them really?) A new game, about being Infamous was to be the showpiece of a whole new adventure game genre. Sprites and Backgrounds started being sent to them through a rip in the space / time vortex. A whole story of tragedy and heartbreak appeared quickly, but was utterly destroyed, The Two not wanting to ruin their infamous appearance. Shortly after that disturbing event another script appeared, this time full of evil and darkness.

And The Two were pleased.

(In fact, many a Bwahhh Ha HA!!! escaped over the vortex around the universe and into unusual places .... But that's another story.)

Over the course of the next year, earth time, spirit-beings were summoned to the side of The Two. Chief among these was a spirit being with the aspect of a goat yet also of a parrot. This being, 1EyedParrot, was soon elevated to demi-godhood. His knowledge of the dark arts of combat bringing a whole new aspect of evil to the infamous project. And Broomie, a fellow Infamous spirit-being. Being of able ability on websites and forums, he maintained the cyber world where they all created havoc.

Then came the day of the lessening. It is a sad part of the tale, but must be told.

The forces of anarchy, of Infamous deeds, of evil, were blind-sided by the forces of good. While they were creating havoc on their forums and sites, and delving into the dark arts of game making, the forces of good were at work creating a counter spell. This counter spell, which became known as the Moosecock, infiltrated the team and began the process of disrupting the evil work. After a vicious battle fought over many nights, two members were lost. Lost forever to the good side, it was a sad day. But still the vision moved on.

But The Two were wary, what if this happened again? Infamous Adventures needed a message, one that would remind them of the perils of not following the dark path set before them. Of all that is evil, one person was above all others. One, who stole children from their parents and raised them as slaves. One, who killed them at their 18th birthday for no other reason than he wanted to. One, who was so evil that the entire world trembled at his name. Manannan. But even more than the story of this most evil of wizards vicious exploits, was the story of the same wizards downfall at the hands of a goody-two-shoes Prince.

This story had been told once before, but it had been so long it had all but been lost and the lessons in it had been forgotten by the people. So The Two decided to tell it again. This was a story that all Infamous people needed to heed and remember.

There were setbacks in this new project, spirits being defeated, new spirits joining. The work was hard, and enthusiasm waned. Only The Two, Klytos and Blackthorne, kept the faith, along with Broomie and 1EyedParrot. Hard decisions were made and to complete one spell, the other had to be temporarily sacrificed. And so the Infamous game was sacrificed and the retelling of the story of Manannans downfall continued, slowly onwards.

The call went out again, raising the standards of evil and infamy over the universe. And as always before, those evil beings that answered supplied their talents to the spell, bring forth the project unto its conclusion. Sinister, a thoroughly evil demi-god, lord of the red army, took it upon himself to complete the mystical artwork and almost by himself, completed this important aspect of the project. The Texan , demi-god of the border, slaved over the voices, creating characters out of the nothingness and bringing together others to do the same.

Blackthorne and Klytos looked upon this game and saw it was good. And the evening and the morning were the first game.

After sharing this with the universe, the masses turned on The Two and their project. But feeling nothing but pity for these people, The Two worked hard and changed the spell into a more powerful and more stable work. It was in this time that the one who ponders came into the midst and joined the infamous ones. His work in finding faults with the spell was extraordinary and well accepted. The spell was completed a second time, and the masses were mostly pleased.

Filled with a new found enthusiasm, Sinister began a new spell, one that had never been played before. It was soon called Project X, although itís inner workings were kept completely secret from the general population. And Klytos began another retelling, this time the mysterious story of the many deaths of Roger Wilco (the second chapter).

And so The Two went forward, Blackthorne and Klytos, and with them went a great host of demi-beings. Some stayed, others only passing through. But all doing it for the glory of Infamy.

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