After several years Infamous Adventures has shed some light on what this secret project was. The project IA has been working on is titled; King's Quest: Kingdom of Sorrow. That's right you heard us, a King's Quest game! First conceived by a twisted head during the launch of King's Quest 3, "KOS" as we call it is something that the big honchos of Blackthorne and Klytos have been keeping locked under tight seal.

Sinister: "The main idea for this game came up when we where at the final stages of the KQ3 remake. I remember that back then Blackthrone and Klytos where debating on if we should extend KQ3 by creating a secondary Daventry-side story. We touched a few points and even discussed adding a "Floating Castle" part to the game, but in the end we decided not to go through with it.

However we always had a few nerdy chats of how and why Daventry was in such shape and how it seemed that after KQ2 Graham seemed to pretty much retire. But after looking at the novels, we thought it'd be cool to have Graham go on an Adventure somewhere between the events of KQ2 and KQ3. This ofcourse lead us to the novel "Kingdom of Sorrow" and that inspired us to go for the game.

The game takes place during a rough winter for Daventry and Graham is called upon to aid the faeries of the Old Woods in order to restore balance to his suffering Kingdom. Graham will journey through the magical faerie woods, the razon sharp glass mountains, and other Serenia lands before reaching the Kingdom of Sorrow.

KOS is inspired from the Kingdom of Sorrow novel, but it is not intended to reproduce the events exactly. This is more a new game, than a retell of that novel.


Pick up your Adventurer's cap!! and follow Graham through a new adventure!




Q: Will there be a voice pack??
A. Yes, it will probably feature a voice-pack, but those are final stage considerations.

Q: Have you been working on this as well as on SQ2?
A: Yes we have been working on KOS and SQ at the same time. KOS started around the same time SQ started, and it had it's own team and still does. Delays on SQ have nothing to do with KOS, they are just regular delays in making sure we release a great game with as little bugs as possible.

Q: What is the ICS?
A: The ICS is the "Improved Cedric System". This means we intend to have companions for Graham that will do more than say.. "Watch out Graham, a poisonous snake!"

Q: When will it be...?
A: ...released? It's far down the road, I can say it's not in early stages, but I can also say it wont be out this year.