Q: What's the story with Infamous Adventures?
A. For the full answer, check out the About Us page.

Q: Can I join your team?
A: What can you do to help us? That's the real question that you need to ask yourself. We are constantly on the lookout for sprite artists, background artists, pixel editors and sound people. And importantly, if you have an idea, write it down, organize it, and basically make it so it looks professional. This also means more than just a single paragraph. Plot, maps and character summaries are required. We'll take it more seriously then.

Q: Are you going to remake any more games? I'd really love to see a remake of [INSERT GAME HERE]!
A: We might, or we might not. We're really not too sure at the moment. We're busy with other stuff.

Q: Can you remake Quest for Glory 4, Kings Quest 5 or Space Quest 4?
A: No. We won't be remaking any of the VGA point and click games. We're upgrading to keep the older games in line with the later games, there's really no reason to do it.

Q: When will [INSERT GAME TITLE] be released?
A: The release date for the game is September 1st, 2049. Hopefully by then, we will have discovered the secret of the Tycho Monolith, and the power of the Star Child's purpose will be revealed. Otherwise, we'll all be confused by Peter Hyams and Arthur C. Clarke.

>In other words it will be done when it is done.

Q: Anyone know where I can download King's Quest and the other Sierra classics?
A: That's stealing my cheap friend. Stop it. Visit for most of the major series, or for anything else

Q: Are you the guys who made Quest for Glory 4 1/2? That was a great game!
A: No. But for kudos to them, it is a very funny game.

Q: What happened to Quest for Infamy?
A: Quest for Infamy is in suspended production for the foreseeable future. This is because it's so damn big and awesome that we don't want to screw it up.

Q: Let's have a discussion about religion / politics or sex...
A: We're all adults here, so these debates will be allowed but they will be monitored closely and anything that we (Blackthorne or Klytos) feel is over-the-top or just inflammatory will be deleted and something funny about your sister's fascination with goats will be inserted. So in short, enjoy an intellectual discussion, but don't turn it into a flame war.

Q: Who are moderators here?
A: Nobody really knows.


Q: Is it a direct remake or have you changed the story?
A: It's a grey area. It's mostly a direct remake. We have added in some small additons to some cutscenes and removed the spell system copy protection, we've not done anything with the storyline.

Q: I'm stuck! Help!
A: Check out the forums and ask your question there. Alternately there is a walkthrough in the project page on this website.

Q: When will it be done?
A: It's been released! It was released on June 18th (America) and the 19th of 2006 (Worldwide).

Q: What about voice acting?
A: Yep.

Q: Did Josh Mandel voice King Graham? It's not a Kings Quest if he's not in it.
A: We agree. And yes he did.

Q: What's this patch people talk about?
A: There is no patch. The fixes were so large after the original release, we just uploaded the whole game again.


Q: What is Project X?
A: Project X? Oh yeah, haha. Well, that was the codename for Kingdom of Sorrow. Want to find out more? Of course you do.

Q: Will there be a voice pack??
A. Yes, it will probably feature a voice-pack, but those are final stage considerations.

Q: Have you been working on this as well as on SQ2?
A: Yes we have been working on KOS and SQ at the same time. KOS started around the same time SQ started, and it had it's own team and still does. Delays on SQ have nothing to do with KOS, they are just regular delays in making sure we release a great game with as little bugs as possible.

Q: What is the ICS?
A: The ICS is the "Improved Cedric System". This means we intend to have companions for Graham that will do more than say.. "Watch out Graham, a poisonous snake!"

Q: When will it be...?
A: ...released? It's far down the road, I can say it's not in early stages, but I can also say it wont be out this year.


Q: Are you adding to the game or is it a straight forward remake?
A: It's a bit of both. The story is the same, but we've fleshed out some parts more and a couple of puzzles have been changed due to the change to point and click interface. But mostly, it's the same great game you always loved.

Q: Is there going to be a voice pack?
A: Hell yeah.

Q: What Roger are you basing your Roger on?
A: Our Roger in Space Quest II will be based on the Roger Wilco from Sierra's Space Quest IV. We think this is the definitive Roger look. So in short, yes he's blonde. Like he should be. And the interface (Icons, Cursors etc) is also based on Space Quest IV as well, but theres a couple of cool changes there too.

Q: Are you adding in Taste and Smell?
A: Of course. They're awesome.