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If you wish to give a message to the team, then please use the forums. Please try not to send a email of your opinion of what we're doing, it'd be better to do it in the forums.

If you have a question which you don't want to ask in the forums, please make sure it is relevant and not already mentioned in the FAQ's, and don't even think about asking us when it will be done, it will be done when it is finished!

NOTE: Just to reliterate, we will ignore any emails that involve asking when a project will be released, exchanging links or business deals that would interest us very much. We don't care if you're the Prince of Nigeria, we will not listen. Thanks.


General Enquiries


Press or Media

All emails will be directed to the webmaster. If I feel that the question is suitable I'll forward it onto the team or the team member your question is most related to.


If you would like to join us, just send an email and tell us what you'd be able to bring, a portfolio of your work and why you would like to join our awesomeness. Remember, there's no pay but there is love. Manlove.

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